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Midi saving

Postby Ward » 15:21, 7 November 2017

I'm new to a lot of this so any help will be appreciated. I want to save tracks as a midi file. When I save as an SMF and import it to Cubase, all the instruments and tempi are gone and I have to start again. Is there a simple way of recording on the FA-08 and then transferring to cubase via an SMF file or do I have to record into cubase? I thought saving as SMF saved all the settings.
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Re: Midi saving

Postby Candy » 23:05, 12 December 2017

Try the following steps:
Start recording the Sequencer, take an empty track
While recording, press Menu/Utility/Bulk Dump
Stop recording
Go to Microscope Edit and MOVE the Sys-Ex-Datas, you see, at the beginning of the song.

With Bulk Dump you save all settings of the Studio Set. Don‘t know, if the tempo is also saved. When not, create in Microscope Edit/Tempo Track a Tempo, you wish to use. This normally is then saved with the SMF-File.

When the Sys-Ex-Datas are not included in the SMF-File, connect the FA with Cubase, start recording Cubase and then press Bulk Dump on the FA. Cubase now records the Studio Set Settings and other System-Parameters.

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