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Muting Notes

Postby alargroove » 22:12, 20 December 2017

Is there a way to mute particular notes on a single track. Say I have a track range of pitches C2-C4, but i want to mute notes E22-D3. Or have Same Range C2-C4 and want to mute E2, D3, F#3, and A#3

I know I can create multiple separate tracks for the split points but interested to see if you can just mute the particular notes in one track.

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Re: Muting Notes

Postby Skijumptoes » 14:00, 21 December 2017

You can erase them from the sequencer if that helps? See from 9:20 in this vid:-
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Re: Muting Notes

Postby bennyseven » 13:43, 23 December 2017

Hi alargroove, what do you mean with "track", it is imortant to use the right terminology.
As skykumptoes posted, you can edit recorded tracks and erase unwanted note events.

In case you want to "supress" notes while playing on the keys on different PARTS in their related key zones you have to create multiple zones 'around" your mute notes.
As a matter of fact, I have one of this setup, because I did accidentally hit one black key because of the smaller size of teh FA06 keys. So I build two zones around this 'bad' key. Works well.
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Re: Muting Notes

Postby alargroove » 02:10, 29 December 2017

Sorry i meant "parts" in the studio set not "tracks" in the sequencer/song section. I know i can make zones as separate parts but not really what I wanted to to do.

I do not think ill be erasing notes with the sequencer. I do not set up anything to play live with that.

Ill see if there is something i can do with a VST. Was hoping to stay away from that route as well and keep consolidated to the board.
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