Exporting Tones from FA-07 to Fantom G8

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Exporting Tones from FA-07 to Fantom G8

Postby tson » 19:57, 30 December 2017

I recently purchased both a used Fantom G8 and an FA-07. I definitely prefer the 88 weighted keys of the Fantom, easier workflow faders and huge screen. But there are some awesome tones in the FA. I want to sell the FA but keep many of the tones/patches to be used in the G8.

What is the easiest method to import tones from the FA-07 into my Fantom? Are the files compatible? Ideally, I could just export tones onto a USB stick and import them into Fantom. If there are several methods, please help me understand which is best or easiest, since it could be a lot of sounds. I do not have any expanded memory in the Fantom, so if I need to add memory, let me know. Thanks.H
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Re: Exporting Tones from FA-07 to Fantom G8

Postby bennyseven » 11:33, 31 December 2017

The files are not compatible. Only method I see is to write down the FA TONE parameters and reprogramm in the FG. This will not work on supernatural sounds, because FG has a different SN/ARX-board architecture.
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