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Temperature question

Postby Keytonlewis » 09:23, 4 January 2018

Hi guys. New on this forum. Just a question. Today I have to work until 9 pm and i ve got a jam after, around 10 pm. The question is: I will leave my new fa 06 the whole day in the car and I was wondering if the keyboard is gonna have some problem staying 8/9 hours at about 10°C/50°F. Did anyone end up in some malfunctions related to the cold temperature. Do you know the temperature range the FA is designed to resist?

Thanks in advice
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Re: Temperature question

Postby Skijumptoes » 12:18, 4 January 2018

10°C i think is fine, it's the moisture/humidity that you should be more concerned with - make sure it's in a case, or at least wrapped up in cloth/jacket or something. It's only when you get into the minuses that i'd start to be concerned as ice could potentially form, and that could affect the expansion/contraction of components inside.

I've left mine in a buildings for months with a basic cover over it during freezing conditions with no heating. Not ideal, but it's always been fine (Along with older analog stuff too). It's the only location i can store all my stuff, and i'd rather to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, which is how i justify storing them over winter months.

What i would do however, is after work make sure the first thing you do is let the synth sit for a decent amount of time inside the building where you're going to jam (30+ mins i guess? Depends how warm/humid indoors is). That way it can reacclimatise to the indoors environment and any moisture that may have formed can evaporate before you put power through it.

The LCD Screen will be the biggest indicator if you have any moisture there as it will look steamy. But honestly, 10°C is nothing in my experience, i regularly sit in a studio that's about 3-5°C before the heating kicks in, so it must be far colder at night and the only damage i've ever had in 10 years is moisture built up on one of my guitars and it did cause the lacquer to stat peeling - but that was about 3 years ago and hasn't grown since! Synths, and electronics had no failures whatsoever.

Also, just be careful leaving it in your car, wrap/case it securely at home and don't check on it when you leave the car as you never know who's watching.
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