System 1 - How to add new patches?

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System 1 - How to add new patches?

Postby iluvchiclets » 03:38, 9 May 2016

I have a brand new System 1, and have upgraded it to 1.20 so that I have 64 memory slots.

On the Roland site, there are 7 banks of patches you can load. I tried to do this already, but am having trouble.

What file are we dragging into the "restore" folder? The folders themselves or the separate patch files?
If it's the separate patch files, then they all have to be renamed because they all have duplicate names (1, 2, 3, etc...)

Has any users successfully loaded all these new sounds into the empty 64 banks? Can you you please give detailed instructions? Roland gives very vague instructions....

Thanks in advance!
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Re: System 1 - How to add new patches?

Postby Nig » 07:45, 9 May 2016

I've compiled all the v.120 patches into one file, which I've attached here. Extract the files into a new folder on your PC.

Switch on the System-1 whilst pressing the ARPEGGIO button so that the System-1 drive is loaded on the PC.

Copy all of the SYSTEM_PATCHnn files to the RESTORE folder on your System-1 drive. When copying is finished, eject the System-1 drive and disconnect the USB cable (this last part is important, if you don't disconnect the cable, the patch load never completes!).

Wait until the OCTAVE UP and OCTAVE DOWN buttons stop flashing then power cycle the System-1.

Two other things to note. This will overwrite any patches you already have installed so back them up first (just copy everything in the BACKUP folder to another folder on your PC). The other quirk I've found with all the Aira gear is that sometimes the new patches don't install if there's any files in the BACKUP directory, so I tend to delete these after backing them up. If the new patches don't appear on your Sys-1 after you've done this, try deleting these before trying again.


PS I haven't done this with the non-v120 patches yet, but can do if you want these as well
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Re: System 1 - How to add new patches?

Postby iluvchiclets » 12:03, 9 May 2016

Thank you very much!

I appreciate you making this available. So did you compile all the patches into one file by renaming them? I would like to understand how to do the work so I can add to my collection at any time. I would also like to add the version 1 patches...

Thank you also for pointing out the flashing Octave Buttons. I don't think that was mentioned in the Roland instructions? They did a very poor job on their on-line instructions.
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Re: System 1 - How to add new patches?

Postby iluvchiclets » 14:42, 9 May 2016

Hi again,

Everything worked out fine this time! Thanks for making this file available.

I do now see the "Flashing UP/DOWN Octave Buttons" waiting period on the Roland instructions. I obviously did not think it would take a long time to load these new sounds, so I probably ejected the USB cable from the System 1 much too soon.

That is one point that should be made for users trying out these sounds - it takes a little while before these Octave Buttons stop flashing. I went out for a walk while the patches were loading (so I don't know exactly how long it took) but it was not instantaneous.

Happy playing!
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Re: System 1 - How to add new patches?

Postby Nig » 20:30, 9 May 2016

Glad it worked:-)

I never timed the time until the lights go off, but it's actually only a few minutes.

And yes, just renamed the files, and then put them all into one folder. I didn't bother with the earlier patches as they were done prior to the v120 update, so there's only 8 patches in each file but it wouldn't take long to do.

Have fun:-)
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Re: System 1 - How to add new patches?

Postby neubauer » 22:10, 12 June 2016

All night and haven't finished blinking down and up :(

The manual is wrong. After copying the files in the restore folder you must eject and disconnect the usb cable. Then it begins copying and in seconds finishes.

Take a look at the well described update procedure. It ejects and disconnect the cable before copying starts.

In any case I recommend using the library (plugout) it sends all the 64 patches in seconds.
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Re: System 1 - How to add new patches?

Postby torvalds » 16:45, 18 July 2016

Hi. I download the file and put in on my system 1. I know it might be a silly question but I would like to know if the presets are loaded sequentially into the system 1. If thats the case then how do I go in and delete the ones I dont want?

Im thinking if I delete all the ones I dont want then rename the rest starting at 1 again it will leave me the reset free to save my own.
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Re: System 1 - How to add new patches?

Postby seadflo » 02:24, 18 September 2017

Im not getting anywhere here. I have tried to install the 64 patches after the 1.30 upgrade.
I try to delete the "backup" on the System 1 folder (after saving a backup)
I am ejecting and removing USB and waiting for the lights to stop blinking.
Doing the same steps when copying new patches to restore and nothing is updating for the patches.
Any suggesitons for this?
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Re: System 1 - How to add new patches?

Postby kidmoose » 15:14, 27 January 2018

Hi All;
Still trying to get the 64 programs into my System 1. Having NO luck whatsoever,
Anyone know of a video and/or website for more info? Following all instructions and just can't get the programs to copy into the unit.
Any help is appreciated
PS: Just picked up a Studio Electronics SE 1...any sources for use/programming out there?
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Re: System 1 - How to add new patches?

Postby iluvchiclets » 15:22, 3 February 2018

(Sorry for the delay in replying - I don't visit the site very often, and I don't get notification emails on topics...)

I'm not sure if you have solved your problem or not?

I will try to list everything you need to do in steps - it was confusing to me at first, but now I can Plug-Out or add banks without looking at the instructions. I should mention I am running a Windows PC.

1) Download the very helpful 64 patches listed at the beginning of this topic. When you unzip this file, you will see a folder.
Inside this folder there is a list of 64 patches called SYSTEM1_PATCH1.PRM, SYSTEM1_PATCH2.PRM, etc...
We are going to use those 64 files.

2) Plug a USB cable into your System 1, and the other end into a USB slot on your computer. Please ensure you have the System 1 drivers installed on your computer. You will be able to find the drivers on the Roland site, but let us know if you have problems locating them.

3) While holding down the button called "arpeggio" on your System 1, turn the power button on the System 1 to ON.

4) After about 30 seconds (or probably sooner), you will see a new drive (or folder) open on your computer. You can see this drive by using Windows explorer or something, but it will appear on your root directory. It will be titled SYSTEM-1 (F:) (it might be a different letter as well such as D:, E; etc..)

Let us know if you do not see this drive/folder appear.

5) If you click on this SYSTEM-1 drive letter, it will open up and show you two folders. One is called RESTORE and the other is called BACKUP. Click on the RESTORE folder and it will open. This RESTORE folder will be empty.

6) Find the 64 patches you downloaded earlier (From step 1)
Copy the 64 patches ( SYSTEM1_PATCH1.PRM, SYSTEM1_PATCH2.PRM, etc ...) into the RESTORE folder. You can click on all the 64 patches at once and select "copy" or do what you need to do to transfer them to the RESTORE folder. This should only take about 10 seconds until they are all in the RESTORE folder.

Do not copy the "Roland Sound Banks 1-4" folder into RESTORE....we want the individual 64 patches copied there.

7) Once the 64 files are added, "right-click" the SYSTEM-1 (F:) drive in Windows explorer (or your root directory) and select "Eject". The SYSTEM-1 drive icon will disappear.
Make sure you understand and do this step. Let us know if you do not see or understand this part.

8) Disconnect the USB cable from your System 1 keyboard. You can remove the USB cable from your computer as well, or just remove the cable entirely.

9) Now you will see on your System 1 synthesizer, the Octave UP and DOWN buttons will be flashing.
Leave the System 1 powered on, and relax for a couple of minutes. Very shortly you will see these UP and
DOWN buttons stop flashing, which means the patches have loaded and written into your System 1.

10) Power off your System 1, and then turn it on again. You now have the 64 System 1 patches added to your System 1 synthesizer.

Please let us know if you need help selecting the different banks.

I hope this is helpful!
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