New user, thought i'd say hi ....

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New user, thought i'd say hi ....

Postby Boston Green » 17:13, 6 October 2016

Hi all,
A couple of days ago I bought a TR-8 and a TB-3, haven't had so much fun since 1989 ..... so much so that last night I bought a MX-1 and a System-1 ..... can't bloody wait till they arrive lol.

So, until I got some specific questions, anything I need to know straight away on any of the above?

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Re: New user, thought i'd say hi ....

Postby Peter Heard » 11:06, 12 June 2017

Hi, thats it, just wanted to return the hello
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Re: New user, thought i'd say hi ....

Postby flyingace » 05:06, 18 June 2017

Welcome to the family, they are enjoyable. I am just doing the same re-buying a TR-8 that then led to buying the rest of the AIRA line (MX-1, TB-3, Sys-1, VT-3 (which I returned... useless!)) I also own a JD-Xi. They all play very well together as far as clock sync goes, start/stop, etc. but Roland really dropped the ball on USB MIDI implementation among the AIRA LINK devices. Very disappointing.

Still, I'm working around it with MIDI DIN and about to buy both the System-8 and the JD-XA!

Good luck and be sure to share your experiences!
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