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Setup to work within ableton

Postby Samynie » 17:04, 21 January 2017

Hi ,

I have bought the aira series naming the TR8 , TB3 , VT3 , MX1 AND SYSTEM1 . I also bought a Arturia mini brute . Now I want to connect all of this to ableton and I would like to be able to record all of these devices serperatly . Any schematic and text on how to do this would be greatfull . If you draw up a schematic bare in mind the rest of my gear and tell me If I need something else like maybe the roland SBX-1 sync box .
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Re: Setup to work within ableton

Postby mildfrustration » 21:38, 25 February 2017

In Ableton, Follow these steps. ... ix_e01.pdf

Pay real attention to how it tells you to set that up. Don't even try the Live Mode, I think it sucks and doesn't add to the ability to actually perform on the devices individually as well.

I would use the Push 2 to trigger Loop Recording. You will want to go to your Preferences and turn off "Exclusive" for ARM and Solo.

Arm your Tracks for all devices, and you should hear all the audio.

If you are using an external synth, use an instrument cable from the Arturia Mini Brute into Channel 1 of the MX1.

To have the Arturia "Sync" with Ableton/the MX-1, you can use a short Midi cable and daisy chain it from any of the Aria gear or directly from the MX-1.

If you want to trigger Midi from Ableton into the Arturia, you need to make sure that the Arturia isn't using the same Midi Channel as the device it is daisy chained from. By default, most units use 1. You will need to check how to change this by reading the manuals of the device.

In Ableton, setup a Midi Channel strip, select the Midi from to your PUSH, set the Midi to and point it to Whichever Midi device you have the Arturia Daisy Chained to. Then select the channel you have the Arturia set to.

In my case, I have a Korg Minilogue, I set this to channel 2, plugged the midi cable from the Out on my MX1 to the IN on the Korg Minilogue. In ableton, I setup a Midi Rack, set the Midi from to my Push2, set the Midi to MX(since i have it directly connected to MX1) and then selected channel 2. You still need a Second Audio Strip to route the Audio to your Master in order to get sound.

For some reason, if I use an External Instrument in Ableton on the Midi strip, i can't seem to get Audio from the External Instrument and have to setup a second channel anyway. This might be because of how Roland has the MX1 setup for the channel strips, because you have to set them up to receive and send our to the MX1 in order to get the audio to work per channel and might be a bug.
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Re: Setup to work within ableton

Postby Samynie » 20:49, 4 March 2017


I also learned I can set everything up as aggregate devices also if I want to record everything in ableton .
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