MX1 and Scooper NOISEY!!!!

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MX1 and Scooper NOISEY!!!!

Postby Mark76 » 17:47, 21 January 2017

Making some progress at understanding the Scooper works but I cant help thinking that the Scooper and MX1 has a lot of background noise.

The gain is at 0 but still when I turn channel 3 on the MX1 up there is an audible 'hiss' and a 'whooshwhooshwhoosh' in the background so much so that it shows up on the registers in Ableton (yes I have it in EXT mode through Ableton) and also on recordings.

In fact all non USB (Aira) channels seems to be hoiser than I would like on the MX1 which is a bit disappointing on a mixer like this.

I'm a bit of a newby on this so any advise would be great. What levels do you set your MX1 at? Anyone found the same problem? Any advice?

Thanks in advance
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Re: MX1 and Scooper NOISEY!!!!

Postby User3333 » 16:30, 4 January 2018

In the past hour I've read a few posts complaining about hiss and noise of Aira gear I'm surprised I haven't read a possible easy fix which is to plug in the AC power adapters. Use the AC power adapters on all Aira/Roland units not just the MX-1. Does it reduce the noise?
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Re: MX1 and Scooper NOISEY!!!!

Postby Manic » 19:26, 8 January 2018

The audio over usb is also often causing ground loop noises, which is easy to fix with a ground loop isolator or DI box. I also had hiss on my MX-1, fixed this by adding a DI box between the mixer and my active speakers.
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