Used System-1 : plugout backup

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Used System-1 : plugout backup

Postby projektil » 12:56, 18 February 2017

I bought a System-1 on ebay and it came a bit blank, no manual, replacement PSU etc.

The System-1 has the SH-101 plugout installed, but I have no serial, license code etc. Now I wonder what happens if I decide to buy the Promars plugout:

- How do I backup the existing SH-101 installation ?
- If I want to switch from Promars back to SH-101, do I need a license file/serial number ?
- I also think about getting a System-1m to sit right on top of the System-1. Can I easily move plugouts around or is the license bound to the hardware ? Would I then need two licenses of a plugout ? I do not talk about running a single plugin on two hosts, but just switching the SH-101/Promars between System-1 and System-1m.

Sorry if that has been asked before, but I´ve seen a few threads about license hassle and now I´m just confused :D
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Re: Used System-1 : plugout backup

Postby bluemike » 08:22, 19 February 2017

There is no way of backing up your system 1 plugouts.
If you have the 101 loaded and you swap it out for the pro Mars you will lose the 101. The license for the plugout is on the host computer, so if you have some plugouts you can move them around (as far as I know)

Personally I think that the SH2 is one of the best plugouts, but again, it is all a matter of taste and what you want to play I guess
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Re: Used System-1 : plugout backup

Postby projektil » 09:23, 19 February 2017

So unless that ebay seller is nice and gives me the code, I´m pretty much left in the lurch. Dang.

I guess my best option then is to stick with the SH1 in the sytem and if I ever feel like trying one of the other plugouts, either accept the loss or get a second unit.

There is a reason why I´m not happy with all that licensing stuff. I mean, hey, there is a giant dongle for the plugout already, in my world that should be good enough: Prove ownership of the System-1 and then get all the codes you need. But well, it is what it is.

Thanks !
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Re: Used System-1 : plugout backup

Postby paulowoody » 01:47, 24 February 2017

When I bought my System-1 on eBay, I had the same issue - but I contacted Roland and they asked me to show proof-of-purchase (the eBay invoice) and they reset the code associated with that serial number - I then registered it to my account and got a small discount (as a System-1 owner) on the Promars plug-out, which I preferred to the SH101 one that was already installed. I only tried the trial of the SH2 one, but the Promars seemed to give me a little more flexibility. It's all a matter of taste I guess. I hope that helps.
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