Issue with the System-1 Librarian

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Issue with the System-1 Librarian

Postby konjurer » 03:56, 19 March 2017

Can someone recommend a free DAW for the System-1 Librarian? I tried MuLab and LMMS and neither worked. Both locked up when you click PATCH... which is the reason I want to use the Librarian.


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Re: Issue with the System-1 Librarian

Postby Manic » 15:01, 19 March 2017

You can use the System-1 plug-out demo as a librarian, works perfectly!
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Re: Issue with the System-1 Librarian

Postby lkhsystem » 13:52, 22 March 2017

I have a system 1M. I would like to use the librarian software (not wanting Plug outs) but I cannot get it to work. I am using a Win 7 laptop. installed 64bit version (and after removing, the 32bit) .
When I connect system 1m with usb (a proven cable) and turn it on, nothing happens. Is there something I am doing wrong ? (system 1m has ver 1.3 firmware)
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Re: Issue with the System-1 Librarian

Postby rsaintjohn » 14:34, 22 March 2017

You installed the proper USB driver for the 1m, and confirmed in Windows (outside of the Roland software) that it is working, yes? ... d4a52d8b4/

Even so, your original issue was looking for a free DAW, because the ones you have don't work. They're not on the list of compatible software host applications, posted here.

I think people have been able to get it to work with Reaper. That's not free, but it's free to try. I'd suggest giving that a shot, at least to try to eliminate possible causes.
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