MX-1 and TR-09 / TR-03

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MX-1 and TR-09 / TR-03

Postby docsample » 18:25, 22 March 2017

Sorry if this has been answered before but I cannot find this information anywhere.

Does the MX-1 support the TR-09 and TR-03 on the Aira USB inputs? This would allow my to free up the audio inputs for other devices.
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Re: MX-1 and TR-09 / TR-03

Postby rsaintjohn » 20:04, 22 March 2017

I think Roland added MX-1 firmware support for one Boutique synth on USB 3 of the MX-1 -- power, audio and MIDI. But it's just one at a time, and I don't know if that support included the Boutiques that had not yet been released (TR-09, TB-03, VP-03). It probably does, but you're only going to free up one audio input.
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Re: MX-1 and TR-09 / TR-03

Postby docsample » 21:13, 22 March 2017

thanks for the feedback.

IMHO, this is lame. will just buy a regular mixer then. no need to waste $$$ on the mx-1!!!!
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Re: MX-1 and TR-09 / TR-03

Postby projektil » 12:19, 10 April 2017

I have my Boutique TB-03 connected to my MX-1 on USB port3, which means a single USB cable for Power, MIDI and audio.

One needs to be careful though, as USB3 is the only powered USB port. Which means: Connecting a Boutique to a non-powered USB port is tricky, as the Boutique expects power from USB once it get´s connected via USB. It seems there is an Arturia USB Y-cable that does the trick to connect Boutique to USB1,2 or 4, but I haven´t done that myself.

On the other hand: I also have a TR-8 which I did not connect directly to the MX-1 (since the USB transmits only main out, no single outs to MX-1 via USB). So the TR-8 is hooked directly to the computer, which means I can route all channels incl. single outs to Ableton tracks/channels, which then get routed to the MX-1 outputs.

End of story:

MX1-1 = BD
MX1-2 = SD
MX1-3 = Claps
MX1-4 = Rim
MX1-56 = Toms
MX1-digi = HH + Cym
MX1-USB1 = System-1
MX1-USB2 = currently unused
MX1-USB3 = Tb-03

Works for me :)

Plus, using Ableton as an in-between, you can freely assign channels, so you could move the toms to the mono channels 1-4 if that´s what you would like to have. Or you could move the USB3 input to USB1 output in Ableton, if that layout is what rocks your boat. It can get complex, but that´s the price for being flexible.

Caveat: In order to have Ableton use TWO interfaces, you need to combine them via ASIO4ALL or a corresponding utility under Mac (but I don´t have one).
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Re: MX-1 and TR-09 / TR-03

Postby docsample » 23:50, 24 October 2017

checking back in to see if this has changed at all via mx-1 firmware update. thanks.
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Re: MX-1 and TR-09 / TR-03

Postby darenager » 14:55, 27 October 2017

I have 4 boutiques connected but you need usb power splitters for ports 1,2 and 4 since these are unpowered. It sucks that Roland did not have the foresight to either allow the MX-1 to power the boutiques or at least to give the boutiques proper psu inputs so that the usb could be used.

Also be aware that the mx-1 won’t send forward data recieved at the 5 pin input (aside from clock and transport) to the usb ports, which is kind of a pain.
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Re: MX-1 and TR-09 / TR-03

Postby enotide » 22:01, 27 October 2017

I bought 3 of these to use with the MX-1 :

USB 2.0 A Male Plug to 2 Dual USB A Female Jack Y splitter Hub Adapter Cable One Port For Charging & Data Sync Another Only For Charging(usb M-2F) ... UTF8&psc=1

and 3 of these :

Generic Super SH 3 Feet USB 2.0 A Male To A Male Cable ... UTF8&psc=1

Then used this USB to Micro usb cables to power the Boutiques, Works like a charm.
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