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Issue with TB-3

Postby jamesfarrell » 19:14, 23 March 2017

Just got this the other day. First acid box ever love it.

A couple issues.
1. Patterns seem to disappear, even after locking them. Unless I create a pattern and power the unit off and on. Seems as if I stray away from the step record button after making a pattern, it goes back to the stock pattern. Any ideas? Seems like I have to fumble with it endlessly to save patterns.

2. User banks
I can't seem to save patterns to the user banks U1 - U15
Save a Pattern to
User Bank ENV MOD (HOLD) VALUE Knob User banks U01 to U15 available to save Patterns and Sounds

Are the user banks just for sounds, or patterns as well? When I go to save a pattern the value knob will not go to the User (U) section.

I am on the latest firmware as well.

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