System 1-m Ext In Volume Way Too Low

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System 1-m Ext In Volume Way Too Low

Postby WytchCrypt » 06:16, 30 March 2017

Hi all, I'm running the output of a Korg MS-20 into my System 1-m "Ext In" jack. It works, but the volume is way too low and I'm wondering if there are any tricks that could help me boost it?

The output of the Korg is on 10, the System 1-m "Sub Osc" volume is on 10 (which is the way you control the volume of whatever's coming in the "Ext In" jack) and it still is so low that I can barely turn up the volume of the System 1-m Osc1, Osc2, and Noise controls to balance the 2 instruments. I'd say I can only put the System 1-m oscillators volumes up to about 2 out of 10 before they totally overpower the "Ext In" volume of the Korg MS-20.

If that was the only issue, I'd just make sure I never turn up the System 1-m oscillator volumes too high, but I found that I have to boost the System 1-m volume so high, that if the LPF self oscillates through some kind of modulation it blasts so loud it could really damage my speakers.

Any ideas?

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Re: System 1-m Ext In Volume Way Too Low

Postby Manic » 10:08, 30 March 2017

Correct me if i'm wrong but I think the sub osc knob in the mixer settings is to control the volume of the ext in, I thought.. Never used it yet, sonI might be wrong, but I think I've read something like that in the manual.
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Re: System 1-m Ext In Volume Way Too Low

Postby WytchCrypt » 16:55, 30 March 2017

You're definitely right, the Mixer Sub Osc level does control the volume of the Ext In and that's how I have this wired up: Korg MS-20 output jack to 1-m Ext In jack. Changing the Mixer Sub Osc level does work...the problem is even with the Korg output volume and 1-m Mixer Sub Osc on 10 the sonic volume level of the Korg is super low compared to the 1-m's internal oscillator volume's.
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Re: System 1-m Ext In Volume Way Too Low

Postby videomusik » 07:42, 21 April 2017

Just replied to a similar question here:

The problem is probably that the MS-20's output is line level (max 3.4V peak to peak) and the System-1m's EXT IN is wired for a 10V peak to peak signal.

A core issue is that there is no output from the MS-20's oscillator(s) directly, before the final output stage, as it (most likely) operates on 10V peak to peak internally. At least most of the CV signals are 0-5V or -5/+5V.

So your best bet is to find a way to amplify your signal up to 10V peak to peak.

This is easy in the Eurorack world (which the System-1m was designed to interface with), but not sure what your options are if you don't run eurorack. Maybe there are some guitar pedals that can be used?

PS: Once you get to the point where you want to run the MS-20's pitch CV out into the System-1m, you also have the issue of two different ways of interpreting pitch CV. The MS-20 uses Hz/V whereas the System-1m (and mostly the rest of eurorack) uses V/octave. The company Harvestman made a eurorack module called English Tear to help with this:
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