MX-1 Midi IN to USB (aira link)

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MX-1 Midi IN to USB (aira link)

Postby rcmusic35 » 21:14, 7 April 2017

Please Roland implement this: an option for than any midi message coming to the MX-1 IN Midi port should be able to go to USB-1-4. I have S8 and TR8 connected only to USB, my sequencer is sending the clock to MX-1 via midi IN, but program change for example or midi note won't go from midi IN to USB ports to control my aira gear, i have to connect a midi cable too....
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Re: MX-1 Midi IN to USB (aira link)

Postby projektil » 12:24, 10 April 2017

In case you use Ableton Live with that, can´t you just create four channels that read the MX-1 input and send it to the outputs you want ?

I get your point if you´re not using a laptop, so that is a feature I also would like to see in a future fw update.
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