System 1m EXT IN gain

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System 1m EXT IN gain

Postby ninhonoir » 03:35, 20 April 2017

I just got an system 1m unit and i love it, thing is that when I plug my microbrute to the EXT IN jack i get a VERY low signal level even though the master volume on the microbrute is on its max value. Any suggestions please? It's driving me crazy.
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Re: System 1m EXT IN gain

Postby videomusik » 07:19, 21 April 2017

Was about muse a bit on line level output and eurorack output, but then found this:
Specifically this part:
Eurorack audio signals usually have a level of ±5V (10Vss), while the mircobrute audio in- and outputs are line level, which usually means at most ±1.7V (3.4Vss) for pro audio.

So you need an amplifier with a gain up to three or four if you want to get the signal from the brute into a modular.

Hope it helps :)
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