New AIRA TR-8, TB-3 & MX-1 owner here!

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New AIRA TR-8, TB-3 & MX-1 owner here!

Postby flyingace » 04:11, 2 May 2017

So far so good! Lot's to learn about each of these though. My TR-8 came with the 7x7/606 update already loaded, so loving that!

The MX-1 is quite a bit of kit and I've a lot of decisions to make in connecting my non-AIRA hardware. Bit let down that my GAIA, which has USB Audio, isn't compatible with the USB ports during the last updates. I sold my Jupiter 80 last year, so that was the only non-AIRA I had on the list. :(

I owned a TR-8 the month they came out a few years back but didn't really appreciate it (or understand it at that time), so I sold it. Happy to have it back. I think it's a great little rhythm programmer, an instrument in it's own right.

I'm hoping to connect my GAIA, SH-32, Teenage Engineering OP-1 along with the TR-8, TB-3, and possibly a System 1 & VT-3 in the future, to do some live music at some arts festivals. This is a new landscape for me and a departure from my usual Singer/Songwriter (i.e. vocals, piano or keys as main instrument using backing tracks or built-in rhythm from my Juno Stage, and acoustic guitar/uke with Roland Street Cube with vocals) Not sure how this will all work out doing more electronic music but I SO LOVE CHILL! If anyone has some tips on how to get started... please help!

Thanks all here at the Roland Clan, I've owned quite a lot of Roland gear and every time I sell I think I'll try another brand but I always seem to come back to Roland!
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