Brand new hope theres some help here!

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Brand new hope theres some help here!

Postby Diggity » 14:17, 22 June 2017

So i'm very new to all this (within 6 months) and I recently purchased some equipment for podcast/live video streaming. I am having issues getting it all interconnected. I chose to post here because the main problem I have is getting the VT-3 up and running with my xenyx 1204USB and my Behringer composer.

So basically I have my mic going directly into my mixer via XLR then from the line in port on the mixer I have that going into my compressor. So that I can loop it back for full adjustment whilst im live on twitch or youtube. My problem I suppose is im not sure how to get the VT-3 connected into the signal chain so I can transform my voice whilst live and not just in post (I noticed the effects when I go back and listen to a recording but no effects were heard when in a voice chat with friends). Hopefully you guys can help! Thanks!
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