Connecting the MX-1 to Logic Pro X

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Connecting the MX-1 to Logic Pro X

Postby badcurve » 16:11, 20 September 2017

First off, I've been searching everywhere for a good tutorial on how to get the MX-1 to talk with Logic for both audio and MIDI to no avail. Plenty of vids for Ableton but not really any for Logic. Haz come? Anyways, here are some challenges I've been having:

I have the MX-1 in External Mode and it is connected to my Mac via USB. The MX-1 is set as my audio input in Logic and I've created 20 tracks. I'm seeing all the tracks working EXCEPT the Master Outs. Are they only recordable via the balanced outs on the rear? Maybe there is a track listing somewhere for how the outputs are routed to channels in your DAW?

Secondly, how would you record MIDI out live from the MX-1 into Logic? I'm trying to automate the effects and things for multitracking purposes. Hope you all can help and get some knowledge out about this for us Logic users!
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