Roland MX1 with maschine jam

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Roland MX1 with maschine jam

Postby Panterski » 17:08, 2 December 2017

Hello girls and boys,

Please, help me, i am noob in all this... I want to use Roland mx1 with Aira components in native instruments maschine 2 in combination with maschine jam. I am having hard time to find any infrmations how to do that...

So i need to use MX1 in exteral mixing mode in machine 2 sofware, and be able to use Aira components on separated channels and make patterns and compose them with maschine jam.

So if anyone can post anything about that it would be nice, alsow have on mind that I don't know anythin, and some kind of "step by step" would be best solution.

Thank everyone
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