system-1m + plugout vst patch management

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system-1m + plugout vst patch management

Postby fotizimo » 17:11, 17 December 2017

At present, when working with my System-1m physical synth, I can navigate to a patch, make changes, and then either save to the same location (overwrite) , or navigate to a new location and save a copy of the patch there.

With the Roland VST synths (system-1, SH-101, SH-2, Promars, Jupiter, etc.), things seem to be done differently, and I am trying to make sure I am not missing some basic functionality.

For example, if I am working with the System-1 VST and navigate to Preset 1 (A-1: BS Dominator), and make changes, I do not seem to be able to find a way to save the changes to any other place but A-1. Normally I would start with a preset, modify to my likings, and then save this in my own preset bank, which I could then use to send/get from my System-1m.

It seems that right now, if I am interested in making a new bank, that each preset must be based on starting from the init patch (with ---------- in the file name) and build up from there. At that point I can save the unique patch with a name. But another concern I have is that I cannot transfer patches between banks.

just wondering how everyone manages their patches within the Aira family of vst synths?
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