TR 8 Issue with Ableton under Windows 7

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TR 8 Issue with Ableton under Windows 7

Postby Janus38 » 22:14, 8 February 2018

Just got a new TR8 and the machine is a ton of fun.
I m trying to record and play with it with Ableton.
Unfortunately I can t manage to get it setup correctly.
Basically the driver install fine but once on ableton I can t get another audio out than the TR8 itself.
I can get the sound out by the external of the TR8 but then both the tr8 and the out from ableton got in the mix, with the latency delay it got pretty bad.
Looked at all sources I could on the web and can t solve the problem.
More frustrating it looks feasible: ... n-ableton/
Is it because the guy is using Win10 drivers ?
I don t see the options of 14in/out + the selection of the audio out
I just get the TR8 options...
Dazed and confused...
Thanks for the help :D
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Re: TR 8 Issue with Ableton under Windows 7

Postby 2:43AM » 02:25, 20 February 2018

As of the most recent OS (firmware) update to the TR-8, audio-over-USB is NOT possible unless you make the TR-8 your default audio interface. This was poor implementation of the TR-8's USB from the get-go, and it continues to be a SEVERE shortcoming of the device. Essentially, the TR-8 does not input audio and manipulate it like the Access Virus Ti/Ti2. With said machine, audio is piped through the USB cable and mixed using the Virus Control VST plugin. This, IMO, is the only way to input the 14 channels of mono audio and keep them as seperate "instrument inputs" to an existing ASIO soundcard/interface. As of now, there is no TR-8 VST plugin, and it most likely will never be developed. Roland seems to have slightly abandoned the Aira line, IMO.
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