JDXA input?

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JDXA input?

Postby MentalState » 02:43, 1 January 2018

Hi yo all!

Maybe I am a bit overwhelmed with this analog world I put myself into. And want to much.
But got a really nice setup now with JDXA, SE02 and Analog Four MK1. With Novation BS2 and Circuit on the side, waiting, for the moment...

Analog, sequencers, feedback, huge reverbs and delays. You name it.
And it sounds amazing!

But one thing is missing. The Vocoder! Ok, it's not missing but I don't use it.

Have anyone tried feeding the vocoder thru the jack?

I think about the feedback thing that many used on the Moog.
A function our friends at Roland gave us with "the little black beast" SE-02. =)

Is it a very bad idea, or is it perhaps easy achieved without ruin my Red beauty?

My first post here. So for a first and last time.
This is not my native language so be nice ;)

Wish you all a great and loud 2018 :)
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Re: JDXA input?

Postby zombietactics » 19:17, 11 January 2018

The old trick of running the headphone Output on a MiniMoog into the external Input was to get additional gain for purpose of saturation/distortion/overload.

The JD-XA gain staging is such that you really don't need this. Just crank up the "Drive" control ... same kind of thing.
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