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Re: JD-XA Crackling Sound

Postby o.durmusoglu » 17:56, 6 July 2017

SnakePlissken wrote:So I finally picked up my JD XA today and to my dismay had severe crackling issues on the 1st patch? it was seriously horrible and I was using headphones. For some reason I had very low levels from both the headphone out put and to my Focusrite audio interface for the synth volume, the crackle persisted in both connections
I was on FW 1.10, then updated to 1.50 after reading about the extra patches available
So that patch no longer exists, but this means I still have a faulty unit? Roland were kind enough to send me my overlay before I picked up the unit as they sent an email confirming where I had purchased this from, getting proof that I had actually bought one. Just meant that I could apply the overlays prior to using the unit

So should I tell them of this issue? I only have 3 weeks left of my holidays and I really want to get into making music, having my unit sent off now would ruin my chance and also waste my overlays

Advice anyone?

I replaced crackling one with another via local Roland Turkey. Then, 2nd one was also crackling. I sent this too back. Then, they ordered another (3rd) from US. Now, after two months waiting new one to reach it is ok.The only solution is replacement. Give it back my friend. . However, overlay skin is missing.
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Re: JD-XA Crackling Sound

Postby Duplobaustein » 18:20, 6 July 2017

I had it just one day in the service station. Never had any issue so far. Seems like this is an easy fix.
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Re: JD-XA Crackling Sound

Postby SnakePlissken » 22:03, 6 July 2017

Duplobaustein wrote:Interesting information about this issue from GS.

Wait what? ring Roalnd this morning and they were so helpful that I managed to get my JD XA fixed in 30 mins from a service center not even 5 mins from me lol
A capacitor was desoldered as is the known issue, he had it on the bench for 30 mins checking it out as I showed him the initial issue. Roland went out of their way for a same day fix, brilliant is all I can say
I had to head off to Bunnings to get some gear to get my desk ready for the JD XA, the technician said as soon as I had left the problem was fixed.

Yeah that was me, I don't know why but there is no need to get a replacement Synth, they remove the cap, this is the known issue. Getting a new Synth does not fix the issue
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