First JD-XA Creation

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First JD-XA Creation

Postby Rolanoid » 09:46, 16 June 2017

Been wanting a JD-XA since they came out and finally got one this week in the sale here in Australia.
Made this on it today.
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Re: First JD-XA Creation

Postby Duplobaustein » 15:15, 17 June 2017

Nice! I did my first gig with the XA last week. :)
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Re: First JD-XA Creation

Postby Jdoo » 01:04, 20 June 2017

Congrats on your JD-XA. Really enjoyed your tune, too.
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Re: First JD-XA Creation

Postby flyingace » 05:00, 20 June 2017

Nice, I really enjoyed your track. I see you tracked it in Ableton Live, did you do it all MIDI or audio? Did you lay down the parts separately or sequence it all and play the lead on top of it with the looped drums in Live?

I ask because I'm on the verge of buying a JD-XA and I'm trying to get a better idea of my workflow.

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