Changing the Part MIDI channels affects sound

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Changing the Part MIDI channels affects sound

Postby sever » 00:26, 14 February 2018

Hi everybody, I'm new here and have been an owner of the JD-XA for a couple of months, and this website has been helpful for me especially with that user guide that was made for it. I was reading a couple of threads where people were discussing how each Part on this synth has its own MIDI channel, and in some DAWs (Ableton Live for example) there is no omni option for the MIDI output, which means you need to have multiple MIDI tracks with the output channels corresponding to the MIDI channel that the part you want to play/record uses. I read there is a workaround for this; you can set the MIDI channels on each Part to be the same one so for example if they are all set to channel 1 and channel 1 is selected as the MIDI track output in Live, then all of the different parts will all be triggered together.

This works, however I have noticed that when I change the channel of, for example, Digital Part 1 from MIDI channel 5 to MIDI channel 1, it actually affects the sound of the Part. Does anybody here know why this happens and if there is anything I can do about it? I'd ideally like to have all of the parts on a single MIDi channel so I don't need to have multiple tracks all playing the same sequence for each part. I cannot think of a reason why changing the MIDI channel would affect the sound.

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