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Re: Build of JDXi

Postby HenrikErlandsson » 19:15, 16 November 2017

Agree the keys could be better (anti-brittle-plastic kind, whatever the technical term is) but the only thing really that I don't like about them is just that they're Mini - hard to hit chords cleanly. But I like the springy resistance of them more than most synth action keys actually.

Then again I haven't had your problem, but I've only had it about 3-4 months. I understand the complaint. No drops? That's usually what breaks keys, on all synth action keyboard, including expensive ones.

Overall I think this synth can stand up to Performance/DJ abuse more than some heavy beasts. For home use, 15+ years. If it drops on the floor and sides crack, just put on some wood sides and it's both legit and vintage ;)

That's not to be light-hearted about your problem, definitely use the warranty if you can and have the key replaced. If you opened it you're probably handy and there could be a spare part from Roland or eBay.

What's better on all new synth action keyboards since last years is the bed sticks out 1/2". If they would go all the way to the front or even stick out, well, then chipping and breakage of keys is pretty much inevitable. Just one bad bump or shove, you can see it on the old keyboards.
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Re: Build of JDXi

Postby CesarsoundOne » 01:58, 18 November 2017

Same problem in other brands.
Broken keys
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Re: Build of JDXi

Postby midi73 » 01:25, 27 December 2017

I have to say, the build of the JDXI is awful as to the keyboard. I am a girl. I don't play hard. BUT, I do use the same keys quite a bit and within the first 2 months the E key broke. I sent it back and they replaced it. I've used it since then and it broke yet again. Now the next octave up is starting to get weak on the E key. I've had to move up to the next octave to play it since the bottom one broke, now I will need to replace the entire keyboard. The sounds are great, love it but really hate the spindly keys. Mine broke in the same exact place as everyone elses. Right at the top of the key. I am going to replace the keyboard, and sell it. I'm done. I will be very careful buying a Roland again. I've had multiple keyboards over the years and some of mine date back to 1980's and NONE of them broke. So, like I said, it's not necessarily the player, it's the build quality.
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