Connection options to home studio

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Connection options to home studio

Postby TomBar3 » 20:35, 9 November 2016


A beginners question:
I currently use a pc + Focusrite 2i4 + Yamaha HS5 monitors + FL12.
What is the recommended connection(s)/setup to:
- add the JDXI in order to also use these monitors (not not always having to use a headphone)
- and/or possibily record within FL12 the JDXI

Many thanks!

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Re: Connection options to home studio

Postby darkstar679 » 13:21, 11 November 2016

I also use FL 12.

I have connected several synths via USB to the PC for recording audio or for MIDI connection.

The JDXI is the only synth not use the audio connection via USB.
This synth I have connected to a little Behringer mixer.
Reason for this is that the JDXI has trouble if several synths transfering audio at the same time to FL 12 using the ASIO 4 all driver.

The speaker are connected to the PC.
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Re: Connection options to home studio

Postby DRockstar » 14:29, 11 March 2017

I have used this utility to combine ASIO interfaces and inputs in the past, maybe it could help you both:

You can also use this to route audio from one program into another, pretty crazy, but it has worked for me before....

Also, this is an advanced thing to do, recommended only for a pro audio optimized computer.
From my experience, making sure your computer is optimized using the Pro Tools guide is useful: ... s-10-Guide

Let me know if it works for you!


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