Controlling jdxi from ableton, need help.

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Controlling jdxi from ableton, need help.

Postby Viaren » 02:13, 16 November 2016

I recorded the midi notes and filter controls into ableton, everything is fine and the control recordings are smooth. However when I play the ableton MIDI clip the midi control sent to jdxi is delayed. Sometimes it is quite precise, other times it is delayed a whole beat! I only use the jdxi and cpu usage is 1-2% so I dont think anything is overloaded. Strangely, the notes is spot on!

Anyone know what to do?
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Re: Controlling jdxi from ableton, need help.

Postby XpanderDude » 18:54, 20 November 2016

I've got the same problem. For some reason, I think there is serious latency using the internal audio device of the JD-Xi. I'm going to try to use my Focusrite audio interface and and see if it helps any.
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Re: Controlling jdxi from ableton, need help.

Postby DRockstar » 14:07, 11 March 2017

If anyone else experiences latency with Ableton Live, I had to learn to adjust the MIDI clock sync delay in the Ableton MIDI preferences:

Make sure your JD-Xi Menu > System > MIDI > Sync Mode is set to SLAVE
Go to the MIDI tab in Ableton, and select the MIDI output going to the JD-Xi
Make sure Track and Sync are selected for the JD-Xi MIDI output
Click the arrow to the left of "Output: JD-Xi" to show the MIDI Clock Sync Delay settings.
Turn on the Ableton Metronome, and press play
Click on the MIDI Clock Sync Delay number with your mouse in Ableton MIDI preferences
Use the down and up arrow keys to adjust to negative value so that JD-Xi drums are in perfect sync with the metronome.

Hope this helps someone, I can't believe I never noticed the setting before... I had done multiple recordings of my MiniNova, without ever noticing that had a MIDI Clock Sync delay too. I corrected the rest of my MIDI gear at the same time. It just took noticing the delay of the JD-Xi drums to make me aware of it.

Also of note, I like to make sure my Ableton quantize setting is set to either 2, 4 or even 8 bars, to make sure the timing coincides with the JD-Xi pattern length.


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