Problem with Chord Edit?

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Problem with Chord Edit?

Postby andypandy » 00:32, 16 February 2017

I updated to the latest software version a while ago, but just now got around to playing around with Chord Edit.

Already I seem to be running into a problem and I don't understand why it's happening. My sequence is just 4 bars of playing around in the key of E. The actual notes are just back and forth one octave on E. I decided to use Chord edit so I could switch between E to C#m. But when I play a C#m chord on the JD it's playing something wrong. You would think it would just jump down and play C#m notes, but instead it's playing natural C notes. This isn't even in the key of E! It's like it's a half step off or something.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there something wrong with the Chord Edit function? Has anyone else had trouble/success when playing around with this new feature?
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Re: Problem with Chord Edit?

Postby santeran » 01:54, 17 March 2017

hi Andy... please read my post, it migth be the same Issue, at least someone else is having the same unexpected behaviour:
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Re: Problem with Chord Edit?

Postby mixe » 10:59, 31 March 2017

I just started using this feature, and I'm confused too.

It looks to me like the "Original Key" setting is used as a reference; when you play a chord, the pattern notes change accordingly to the distance between the chord root note and "Original Key".

(if "Original Key" = C, the pattern notes do NOT change if you play a C major chord; if "Original Key" = D, the pattern notes do NOT change if you play a D major chord; and so on. How things work with other chord types, it's still a mystery to me)

This seems to be somehow similar to how "Transpose" works (pattern notes don't transpose to the note you press; they transpose by as many steps are between C and the note you press).
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