Arpeggiator bug? Or feature?

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Arpeggiator bug? Or feature?

Postby StaccatoHeavenSC » 13:13, 27 April 2017

I don't know if this is a "bug" or a "feature" but the arpeggiator doesn't work as expected when set to more than 1 octave.

For example, if set to Basic 1 (a), Motif Up(_), Oct Range 0, and I play a C major chord, it arpeggiates C, E, G, C, E, G as expected.

If I set the octave range to +1 and play a C major chord, I would expect to hear C1, E1, G1, C2, E2, G2, at least that's what every other synth I've owned with an arpeggiator has done. Instead I get something like C1, E2, G1, C2, E1, G2. I've tried different settings and motifs, but none work the way I expected.

I have the latest firmware (1.51). Anyone else come across this? Any workarounds, short of playing the chord across 2 octaves or sequencing the arp manually?
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Re: Arpeggiator bug? Or feature?

Postby sbardy » 16:49, 7 May 2017

Yes, it's a bug. I have this problem too and also Roland JD XA owners (look . I tried a factory reset but no way :(
I hope Roland fix this bug soon because it's impossible to play popular songs without a correct arp sequence
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