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LFO depth button

Postby Poupoune » 14:31, 1 August 2017

Hi !
I am a new user of this forum.
I have a question about the LFO depth button. From the 12 o' clock position, I can hear the same effect when I turn right [0-63] or left [-63 - 0]. Is it a normal behavior ? The documentation does not give a meaning for the negative and positive values.

Thank your for your reply.

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Re: LFO depth button

Postby mixe » 14:32, 5 August 2017

As far as I can tell, the effect is not the same.
I'm afraid I'm using the wrong terms, but I would say that the LFO intensity is the same, while the "direction" is the opposite or "symmetrical".

Anyway, the overall result may depend on other features of the sound you're using. I just did a quick test where I could clearly notice a completely different effect.

Try choosing a simple Synth sound (*) and following these steps:
- put 1 note every 4 steps (example: steps 1,5,9,13)
- in the "Tone Edit" menu, set LFO Tempo Sync to ON
- set LFO Key Trigger to ON
- set LFO Sync Note to 1/4

Now, use the LFO Destination button and assign LFO Depth to "Amp". Then play the pattern/program and try turning the LFO Depth to left and to right. You should get no sound when you turn it completely to the left, and full volume when you turn it to the right. It should behave similarly for the Pitch and the Filter, of course.

(*) I used "JD Piano 1" in my test, which only includes 1 voice. But remember than a Synth part may include up to three voices. When you edit the parameters in the "Tone Edit" menu, be sure you do that for all the enabled voices.
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