Using CC Controls for Individual Drum Parts

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Using CC Controls for Individual Drum Parts

Postby andypandy » 11:56, 8 August 2017

I was wondering if anyone here has attempted to map out the Level functions for the drum parts on the JD-Xi. I would like to get a small knob controller I can hook up to the JD-Xi via MIDI and assign different drum parts to each knob so I can bring in the drums as I like, as opposed to less convenient method that's worked into the JD-Xi as it is.

I've figured out how to map controllers to affect an entire MIDI channel. I could already program the controller to adjust the volume level of all the drum parts, but is there a way to further specify what drum part (or individual key on the keybed) is affected by a control change?
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Re: Using CC Controls for Individual Drum Parts

Postby Hobbe51 » 07:54, 9 August 2017

CC control changes are sending to a channel, and all your drum sounds are normally on the same channel, most often channel 10. So, all sounds receives the same message.
The message carries two bytes (I am pretty sure you know this already) control number and value.
So, unless you have a means to change the different sounds to have an individual reactions to a certain message, this cannot be done.

I do not know your synthesizer, so I cannot give a specific answer here, but the INTEGRA-7 has some possibilities to re-map the control changes, but when it comes to drum kits, it is still not possible.

However, studying the MIDI implementation chart reveals that all sounds has their own level settings that can be changed using system exclusive messages.

Also, since you have a separate device sending MIDI to your synthesizer, make sure not to nest messages from your keyboard or music software with messages from your volume control device.

In essence: Skip the control changes and go to system exclusive messages instead.

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