JDXi Update request (Roland please read this!)

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JDXi Update request (Roland please read this!)

Postby Viaren » 19:12, 19 August 2017

One feature I would like to have is a way to control filter envelope, my suggestion would be to hold enter or shift button then control filter envelope with the envelope knob.
Perhaps also Depth control with the amp knob :)
This would be nice :D
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Re: JDXi Update request (Roland please read this!)

Postby humax » 10:34, 23 August 2017

Hi there,
It's very unlikely that Roland will make your dream come true. However you could easily control a filter envelope as well as many other parameters of your JD-Xi just with use of a programmable midi controller. I used a WORLDE Minicontrol9 (the same as Korg Naokontrol) for that purpose. Since the controller does have usb connector only I took Arduino Uno + USB host shield + Midi shield then flashed the Arduino with "USB_Host_Shield_2.0" by Oleg Mazurov. There you go! Then I just assigned the knobs and faders of the Minicontrol9 with respect to the JD-Xi's continuous controllers I wanted to tweak, that's it. All that works like a charm yet it's very compact and reasonably cheap(less than $100 all up).
If you don't want to deal with Arduino you can go some midi controller like Behringer which does have a midi port right on-board.

Hope it helps.
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