Arpeggiation with ext. sequencer fixed with update?

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Arpeggiation with ext. sequencer fixed with update?

Postby strangepowers » 03:50, 24 August 2017

Hi, I just got a jd-xi and my first attempts at song writing are already thwarted.

My setup incorporates an MPC 1000 for sequencing but more importantly arrangement and songwriting.

I'm aware that the 1.50 firmware update caused a frustrating glitch where editing songs while playing them causes the Transpose to engage in some instances, so I have been hesitant to update thus far.

My question is this - Does the 1.50 (and 1.51) update fix the issue with the arpeggiator not functioning when sequenced externally?

also, what the hell Roland! why would the arp not be engaged by external midi notes in the first place?? I am baffled that this is happening.

finally, I'm also told that you can only arpeggiate one patch per program at a time, as there is only technically ONE arp. Is this still an issue?

Thanks RCF.

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Re: Arpeggiation with ext. sequencer fixed with update?

Postby leosss » 20:14, 12 September 2017


the same here, it is so frustrating to hear in "master" sync how the arpeggiators sounds great, but can't be used in regular way in song as the midi notes in piano roll in Logic X does not start the arp for me either. If i set the Midi clock destination JD it starts just whole sequence, if it is present, but arp never.
Even your US support wrotes me that it is maybe even you don't know that it is not working correctly. Pls fix it..
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