How to clear a bank ?

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How to clear a bank ?

Postby hellwoodfire » 06:28, 23 September 2017

I want to completely clear my custom bank E ?
For example, I want the INIT TONE in all parts of all programs of the bank...
I there a way to that ?
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Re: How to clear a bank ?

Postby HenrikErlandsson » 00:04, 7 October 2017

Edit: There's a way via PC I think. But I think it would be quicker to clear f.ex. H01 (or put some 'default instruments' there), and then Write it to the bank you want to clear. So this would copy this "blank bank" over f.ex. E01.

With the new selectable start program in Firmware 1.5, you could set it to this blank bank if you want.
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