Best mic for the VP-03

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Best mic for the VP-03

Postby cloudburst » 07:56, 5 September 2017

I've found better results from the VP-03 vocoder section by not playing it in real time. Instead I've been sending an audio track to the formant channel and either midi or another synth track for the carrier..

In order to get good results in real time I feel it needs a better mic - and with longer reach too.

Trouble is that the phantom power output from the VP-03 is only 3v, so I'd need a condenser mic with battery power.

The other option would be to use, as the VP-03 manual suggests, a dynamic mic. But I'm worried that the output level from a SM-58 or SM-57 would be too low.

So recommendations would be welcomed from folk who know about microphones (cos I don't):
- dynamic or self powered condenser?
- any particular model of mic - given that we are specialising in providing the formant/sibilants.


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