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Postby Relayer » 05:35, 6 October 2017

It's been awhile since I've posted on these boards. Just picked up the D-05, what a great sounding synth ... how I remember the D50. Have it midi 'd to my Jupiter 80, really compliment each other well. Have been working on interesting pad variations ... really fat/lush sounds
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Postby marctronixx » 00:22, 8 October 2017

im currently using the d-05 with the se-02. both midi'ed to the jupiter 80.

have had the d-05 about a week. still getting the dust and cobwebs out of my head form when the last time i used one (circa 1992).

the d-05 and se-02 are really quality instruments.
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Re: D-05

Postby dspange » 08:58, 15 November 2017

That’s great to hear the D-05 sounds almost identical to the original D-50, Looks pretty sweet just like the og! I definitely approve the boutique size compared to the full size D-50! I would like to pair my JX-8P with it and take a journey to the mid 80’s :)

Does it really sound identical to the original D-50 ? Same banks too ? $350 sounds like a pretty sweet price for this D-05 series?

Later guys
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Re: D-05

Postby iixorb » 14:08, 15 November 2017


I've loaned my D-50 to my local music store, who are interested in making a comparison video against a D-05. When this is published, I'll link to it.

I also have the Roland Cloud D-50 and I'm very impressed with it. I guess the D-05 shares the same structure.
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Re: D-05

Postby Bodde » 21:07, 15 December 2017

How do you guys like the sequencer of the D-05? is it good? or rather limited?
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Re: D-05

Postby Andy Keys » 13:57, 19 December 2017

I've not even tried the sequencer yet!
I'm still in love with just playing some of the presets :)
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Re: D-05

Postby skinmechanic » 13:17, 27 December 2017

I've done an A/B comparison with the D550, D05 and the V-Synth XT with the D50 built in card. The D05 is more closer to the original than the V-Synth version (although the D05 utilises the original VC1 code and they've updated it). The D05 does sound more fuller and richer on come of the complex sounds such as Digital Dance Native than the VC1 on the V-Synth.

The D550 does seem to have it's own character but i'm not sure if that has something to do with the AD converters on the audio and don;t forget the D05 only has a mini audio jack so you will get differences with that. To be honest there are subtle difference with the D550 and the D05 with the D550 sounding slightly harsher but it's VERY VERY close indeed you won't get anything closer.
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