TR-08 memory questions

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TR-08 memory questions

Postby cloudburst » 12:43, 23 October 2017

I've a few questions. Help much appreciated as always:

Firstly, is it possible to have multiple tempos stored in a track? In other words have certain rhythm patterms in the track which are at one tempo and other rhythm patterns at another tempo, with the tempo switching automatically as the track is played? I've been able to store the tempo by keeping 'bank' held whilst long-pressing 'tap', however, regardless of which step this is done on, it stores the tempo globally for the track.

Secondly, it seems that switching the unit off and on again, the tempo will revert to the nearest course-grained setting, losing any fine tuning in the tempo. For example, If I have the unit set at 137bpm and turn it off, when I turn it on again, it will be set to 135bpm or 140bpm (depending on where I started fine tuning the tempo from). Is this a bug?

Lastly, when turning the unit off and on, it always reverts to bank 1. Is there any way to have the unit switch on at the last selected bank instead?

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Re: TR-08 memory questions

Postby CitizenJ » 09:46, 9 December 2017

1) Unsure, haven't started building Tracks. Haven't read anything that suggests multi-tempo tracks are possible, though.

2) Yes, the revert-to-coarsest TEMPO value is how the two TR-08s I've tried behaved (as at the latest firmware v1.03).

3) I agree, this is non-intuitive and wastes time hunting for the rhythm you were last working on (if, like me, you frequently have to stop noodling in order to wrangle children) given the huge number rhythms it can store. Surely there's a spare byte or two in there to record the last active BANK + RHYTHM and a couple of instructions to automatically switch to that on start-up. :)

I don't know how you do this yet (new to the Roland universe) but suggest you raise all three of these as separate enhancement requests. I'll do the same when I find out how since it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease!

Good luck.
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