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SH-01a trigger in from...

Postby scrattyrat » 15:02, 26 October 2017


just picked up a sh-01a and looking at options to perform trigger in. I've seen loads of videos of this being done on a tr-09. Would the same be possible to trigger in to the sh-01a from a Volca sample as i was thinking of getting one of these?

Or has anyone had any joy with a tr-8 and doing trigger out into the sh-01a?

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Re: SH-01a trigger in from...

Postby ermwhish » 20:16, 10 December 2017

I got the cables needed today to trigger the SH-01A from my TR-8 rimshot, but am running into one problem.

No matter what settings I use for the trigger (different sounds, decays, volumes) the SH-01A's sequencer bounces around at random instead of through the notes in order.

Anyone else having this issue or found a way to solve it? Been through the menu settings and couldn't find one that related.
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Re: SH-01a trigger in from...

Postby Darkside » 08:35, 12 December 2017

As different devices use different cables and also the signals to keep in sync, there are numerous possibilities of what might happen. First thing is that Volcas use stereo cables, because those included with each one are stereo and second, newer Volcas - the Sample, the Kick and probably Fm as well, are capable of switching their sync pulse to 1/16 standard, while the older ones only do it in that strange 1/8 note variant and there's no way to change it. On the other hand Korg Monotribe, while being also on non standard sync, is capable of splitting the incoming 1/16 into 1/8, so skipping every other pulse and thus get synced by a normal 1/16 pulse.
It also needs to be noted, that Roland devices insist on syncing using mono cables. So yeah, when I had my Akai Rhythm Wolf, it synced the Tb-03 with no problem via its so called "gate" output, which is actually just a sync pulse. Just yesterday I tryed to trigger the Tb-03 from one of the Volcas, just to see how it reacts and it behaved in that random bouncing fassion.
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