JX-03 Resonance Quirk

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JX-03 Resonance Quirk

Postby YoUHatejefF » 14:06, 7 December 2017


Has anyone else noticed the strange resonance boost that happens when the resonance is set to maximum and the narrow pulse is selected?

I know that the original JX-3P had the same filter chips as the Junos and Jupiter 8 but configured slightly differently. Therefore it had correspondingly lower maximum resonance settings, ie not full self-oscillation and that the JX-03 behaves in a way similar to this.

When any of the oscillator waves apart from the narrow pulse are selected with the res cranked, you get a fairly half-hearted attempt at self-oscillation that is usually quite low in volume and mostly drowned out by the oscillator itself. However, if a narrow pulse is selected, it seems to boost in volume and give out quite a whistle and it quite different in sound to when any of the other waveforms are selected.

This is by no means a problem and does allow some tasty filter sweeps and bleeps to be produced but it seems strange just how different it is with this waveform selected.

I've never heard a real JX-3P in person so cannot say if this is a quirk of the original or just an oddity of the JX-03's DSP.

The resonance also seems to behave strangely when cranked and very low notes are played. It seems to be almost tracking the pitch or being modulated by it. Especially playing a square wave set to a low footage played right down past C2. It throbs and pulses in a most pleasing way!
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