TR-08 Not Displaying Steps in PATTERN WRITE

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TR-08 Not Displaying Steps in PATTERN WRITE

Postby CitizenJ » 09:19, 9 December 2017

Hi everyone. This is my first post so please be gentle (though this seems like a muuuuch friendlier forum than GS).

I have just created my first rhythm on the TR-08 using a combination of Step and Tap modes. Very exciting stuff!

My problem is that, after listening to the rhythm on Manual Play then deciding I want to remove one of the instrument's steps, when I go back to PATTERN WRITE + 1st PART, none of the steps for any of the instruments are illuminated on the BASIC RHYTHM / STEP NO button LEDs unless I start playing the rhythm.

Originally, I used Step for BD, CP, and CH then used Tap to add some CB. I have only programmed the 1st PART, Variation A. Both the BASIC VARIATION and I/F-VARIATION toggle / lever switches are set to 'A'. I have checked each instrument that I programmed and none of their steps will light up unless the rhythm is playing.

If I stop the rhythm (but I am still in PATTERN WRITE mode), the only lit LEDs are:
- TEMPO / MENU LED segment display (showing the tempo)
- 1st PART
- BASIC RHYTHM / STEP NO '1' (this is flashing).

I've verified my firmware is the latest (1.03) and have turned the unit off and on again but this hasn't made a difference.

Does the TR-08 only indicate active steps in PATTERN WRITE mode when playing, am I doing something wrong or is there a fault? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Re: TR-08 Not Displaying Steps in PATTERN WRITE

Postby wendallsan » 18:11, 30 December 2017

Welcome, 1st post for me as well, so wooo-hooo Noobs~

Yes, I think that when you're in PATTERN WRITE mode, while the sequencer is stopped, you can press one of the drum pads to change to a different pattern, then start the sequencer to start editing it. This allows you to quickly move from one pattern to another to edit it without having to go into PATTERN PLAY MODE or some other trick to tell the machine you want to change patterns. Downside is you can't seamlessly switch patterns while in PATTERN WRITE, but once I figured out what it was doing, this wasn't too painful to work with. You can always to switch to MANUAL PLAY, switch patterns, then switch back into PATTERN WRITE if you don't want to break tempo while switching beats to edit.

So yes, to see the pads for the current drum, you do need to be playing the pattern rather than having the sequencer stopped. If the sequencer stops and you hit one of the drum pad buttons, you are switching sequenecer patterns rather than setting a drum to trigger on that beat. While the sequencer is stopped, one of the pads will be blinking, which will indicate which pattern is selected, and will play back when the seqeuncer is started, and can be edited from there.

Hope you're enjoying your drum box! I have been reliving the 1st couple of LL Cool J and Run DMC albums.
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