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shout out for KVGear racks

Postby tbeltrans » 19:50, 27 December 2017

For those with more than 1 (or even just 1) Roland Boutique products, you can save space by putting them in a rack. I have 12 Boutique modules (2 JP-08) and purchased 3 of the 3-high racks (for the 9 synthesizers, while the TB-03, TR-08, and TR-09 come with their own bases). These are a very simple and effective design that makes it quite easy to access the modules in the rack without getting in the way.

Here is a link to the racks for the Boutique line:

The rack sides are joined by two metal tubes that attach to the racks with bolts that have large knobs so you can assemble and disassemble without the need for any tools. Compared to the various offerings that involve wood sides, these are relatively inexpensive. They use hard plastic for the sides and are very sturdy.

For me, living in a condo, the real draw of the Boutique series is being able to have a bunch of decent synthesizers in a very small space. These racks make this possible. They make for a very neat setup, with easy access to all the synthesizers while in the rack. Also, the bottom part of the rack where the first synthesizer would go, also accommodates a module mounted in one of Roland's keyboard bases. The bottom of the rack stand sits in the keyboard base when the module is up at an angle similar to how they sit in the rack, so the rack is essentially "attached" to the base so it doesn't separate from the rack during use. Very clever design. The racks are available as one, two, or three high.

I have no financial arrangement with KVGear, other than just being a satisfied customer. I found out about this product in forums, so hopefully others looking for a rack solution for a collection of Boutique modules will benefit from this post.

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Re: shout out for KVGear racks

Postby PeZiK » 22:38, 27 December 2017

Thanks Tony for the info, just bought 3 x 3-boo. Nice find!!

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Re: shout out for KVGear racks

Postby RickJP909 » 19:42, 28 December 2017

I agree! I mentioned this in another thread as I'm going the same way as you for my 3 synths:

However, I'm waiting for their European arm to open in the UK which should be any day soon, so I'm told as their website is almost finished otherwise us folks in the EU have to pay import duty and an annoying admin charge which is like a slap in the face!!!
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