Are all Boutiques limited edition, or just the first three?

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Are all Boutiques limited edition, or just the first three?

Postby vst_twc » 21:03, 28 December 2017

I know that the first three (JU-06, JP-08, JX-03) Roland Boutiques were marketed as "limited edition" and they have stopped making them. Are the rest of the boutiques also limited edition?

And if the other boutiques aren't marketed as "limited edition", then what does that actually mean? Obviously it doesn't imply that the other boutiques will be manufactured for eternity...
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Re: Are all Boutiques limited edition, or just the first thr

Postby tbeltrans » 23:14, 28 December 2017

Good questions (for which only Roland can answer...). However, if there is a module you really want and it is still in production, I would go for it since we don't know Roland's plans for the future and prices seem to go up after Roland stops making them. I ended up getting all of the modules, largely because a local Music Go Round had several that were "factory repackaged" by Roland at very reasonable prices (about $100 less than brand new). If I didn't have them all, the one I would really want to grab while I could is the D-05. It has 16 voice polyphony, unlike the other modules and is supposed to be a very accurate remake of the D-50, even down to full midi compatibility.

That said, I wouldn't recommend buying these for investment purposes. Nobody can predict what "the market" will be like for these 5 years from now. They are fun to collect, but unlike most "collectibles" that all people can do is look at them, we can really make practical use of these.

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