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Boutique modules with MX-1

Postby tbeltrans » 01:45, 29 December 2017

This weekend, I bought a used Roland MX-1 mixer at Music Go Round, mint in the box with all the packing, etc. I bought it because I found a YouTube video showing how to use all 4 USB ports with the Boutique series of modules. I got the necessary cables today and tested this information, and it works just fine. You use the one powered port (USB 3) as it is, and the other 3 USB ports using the cabling described in the video.

Note that you need at least version 1.03 of the MX-1 firmware to be installed or it won't work. I tested that too as a before/after upgrade. Currently, Roland has version 1.04 for download at their site.

The cabling video is here:

The firmware for the MX-1 is here: ... ivers/8930

For those who need it, here is a video on how to do the firmware update:

With the MX-1, you can now have 4 Boutique modules connected via the USB ports and 3 via the analog ports. I haven't really looked into what I can/can't do with the digital port, though I have a cable laying around here somewhere.

The MX-1 is not only a mixer, but also a performance tool with effects and filters of its own that you can apply to any combination of channels. Read up on it and you may be convinced (or not) that it is worthwhile.

I hope this is helpful to somebody here.

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