Insufficient input gain recording audio over USB Audio

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Insufficient input gain recording audio over USB Audio

Postby johntopley » 21:34, 29 December 2017


I’m a newbie to the world of Roland Boutiques and DAWs.

I’ve been playing about hooking up my SH-01A to Reaper via a USB cable to my MacBook. After following this video - - I can successfully capture MIDI events to one track and audio to a second track. So far so good. The problem I’m having is that the audio waveform in Reaper looks very shallow to me i.e. there isn’t much amplitude. Certainly not as much as shown in the video.

Has anyone else had this issue? Should I be investing in a dedicated USB audio interface and running the SH-01A’s audio output to the interface’s 1/4 inch jack input so I can boost the input gain if required? I’m trying to understand if running everything over the USB cable should work OK.

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