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Reason 10 with TR-08

Postby wendallsan » 18:29, 30 December 2017

I've been enjoying my TR-08, and am now exploring itegrating it with my recording setup, which is based on Propellerhead Reason 10.

I had no problem's using Reason's external midi device rack instrument to set control the drum machine and then get multichannel audio back into Reason, all via USB. Very nice and easy. With this approach, the drum machine works like a sound module, in that you feed it midi notes and it spits out drum sounds. With this approach, all beats actually have to be written in the Reason sequencer, rather than making use of the onboard step sequencer on the TR-08.

I'm now pondering whether Reason can integrate with the TR-08 in some way that makes use of the TR-08's sequencer, such as synching the TR-08's BPM to match the song in Reason, start playback of the TR-08 sequencer when the song playback in Reason begins, synch the TR-08 up to the song measure within Reason, so that if the TR-08 is in SONG PLAYBACK mode, the song's pattern changes would synch with song Playback in Reason, and finally, whether the TR-08's sequencer pattern can be set using one of Reason's Note Lanes, which is used to switch pattern playback on internal Reason devices such as the Matrix and ReDrum.

I can of course make the beat sequences in Reason's sequencer, or even rig up a ReDrum to trigger the TR-08 and then program the ReDrum sequencer to get that true 16 step sequence experience, but these approaches bypass the tactile experience of building the beat yourself directly on the TR-08

Let me know if there are any other Reason users that have pulled this off, or if others are using any other DAW's or MIDI sequencers to accomplish any of these things.
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