Can an SH-01A sound like a JU-06?

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Can an SH-01A sound like a JU-06?

Postby ranzee » 11:16, 1 January 2018

I was just mucking around with the SH-01A and JU-06 Boutiques and noticed that they have similar voice architecture. So, the question I wanted answered is can they sound the same?

There's a lot I purposely didn't cover in the video - like talking about the Dim D chorus algorithm. I also didn't go scientific on the voices and do heaps of comparisons. I merely wanted to get the tones similar and use what I had lying around here to see what I could end up with ...
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Re: Can an SH-01A sound like a JU-06?

Postby Synthtron » 18:40, 1 January 2018

I did not watch the video but I have to ask: You have both units and are still asking the question? Not trying to troll but it seemed funny to me.
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Re: Can an SH-01A sound like a JU-06?

Postby ranzee » 00:21, 2 January 2018

The video isn't for me - it is for whoever out there is curious.
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Re: Can an SH-01A sound like a JU-06?

Postby papasan » 19:00, 2 January 2018

Why ask? You'll learn more about each synth if you put them side by side and try if for yourself. :-)
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Re: Can an SH-01A sound like a JU-06?

Postby cloudburst » 19:54, 2 January 2018

Seriously folks - before posting critical comments to the OP about a video he posted - the very least you could do would be to first watch the blooming video!

The video actually shows a fairly comprehensive attempt to have the SH-01A, supplemented by a couple of different external effects, emulate a particular low-end JU-06 patch dry and with choruses 1 & 2.

The OP isn’t asking us a naked question - he’s referring us to the video to give us something to think about and/or comment about.

One thing it made me wonder is whether the JU-06 was discontinued early by Roland specifically to “make room” for the SH-01A.

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Re: Can an SH-01A sound like a JU-06?

Postby vst_twc » 16:17, 4 January 2018

Cb, that is a very valid question. To be honest, I've been a bit jaded by how limited the JU-06's palette is compared to other boutiques like the SH-01a and the JP-08. Maybe they felt there was some redundancy in offering both the SH and JU.
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Re: Can an SH-01A sound like a JU-06?

Postby tbeltrans » 18:20, 4 January 2018

The JU-06 does seem to be in demand though. I am seeing the used prices going up all the time. Now, I am seeing them go for as much as $700 - $800! Somebody is driving up the price. I have one of each of all the Boutique series, and two of the JP-08 because that is the one that I feel benefits from chain mode most. That is a total of 12 modules. Several, I got as "used" (repackaged by Roland that had apparently been demos), at very good prices. For more modern sounds, I have the Roland Integra-7. For a sequencer, I have both the old Roland MSQ-100 (a period piece from when these original synths were new) and the Yamaha QY-700. For a midi controller, I have the Roland A-500Pro.

It remains to be seen as to what else Roland decides to remove from the Boutique line, and what they intend to add as new product this year (if anything). I believe the JX-03 and A-01 have been discontinued, but the others apparently are still in production.

To me, each of these modules has its own flavor and is therefore worth owning, but others may certainly feel otherwise. One person I know suggested it was not a good idea to get the Boutique modules, when you could get a Roland Jupiter-80 with 256 voices.

For me, I would prefer separate modules small enough to fit in my condo, each with its own appropriate interface of knobs, buttons, and switches, and each doing one thing well. If I had a System 8, for example, I could load a "personality" such as the SH-01a on it and then the whole keyboard becomes that, but the interface of the keyboard doesn't change, so it is not optimized for the synth personality it is currently playing. With the Boutique modules and the KVGear stands, I have a bunch of flavors, each with its own appropriate interface, all in a very small space. I can see value in something such as the System 8, so I am not saying it has no value. I am saying that my own musical vision is quite different.

I really still enjoy listening to music created in the late 70s/early 80s during which the synths were quite limited by today's standards. Those artists (Suzanne Ciani and others) used the synths, with all their limitations, in very creative ways and created some wonderful music. The Boutique series recreates that environment quite well.

From this perspective, having BOTH the SH-01a and JU-06 (though not the JU-06 at today's selling prices!!) makes sense to me personally. I found a course on programming analog synths at Udemy that uses the SH-101 to teach on. Having the SH-01a was perfect to work with that course. What I learned is then applicable to the other analog recreations in the Boutique line (except the D-05).

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