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Boutiques and aliasing

Postby Synthtron » 16:17, 7 January 2018

I have several Boutiques and actually listened to them for the first time with headphones. I had to switch headphones and wiring to confirm what I was hearing. I have experienced the JP-08 and JU-06 aliasing in my programming and experimenting. I notice that the factory presets play it safe but when programmed patches to match my Juno-106 patches I notice the Boutique versions have aliasing. It is apparent when the Cutoff and resonance work in tandem to produce those unique harmonics the older Roland synths are known for. My Boutiques are run through din MIDI and audio is straight from the output into the mixer. No Computer USB anything. I suspect, as I have heard before, that the ACB models are not as high resolution as those found on the System-8, which I also own, that does not alias on the same type of patches. Oh well, the Boutiques are fun but obvious corners were cut to keep the price down. I would like to see more ACB from Roland without aliasing and also less latency that these (JP-08, JU-06, JX-03) are known for. I always thought it would be cool to create a micoKorg size series based on the Jupiters, Junos and JXs. A Jupiter-8 mini, Juno-106 mini, JX-3p mini etc. with proper polyphony and patch memory and high resolution ACB. I'd pay about $800 for that but I guess a lot of others would not.
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Re: Boutiques and aliasing

Postby papasan » 19:45, 11 January 2018

The boutiques have a DAC rate of 44.1KHz. That means they can faithfully reproduce any sound up to 22.5KHz. Better than what we can hear in other words. So I think what you're hearing, and me as well BTW, isn't because of the sample rate but rather either the ACB model isn't at the same level of detail as the System-8 version. Perhaps that's due to the fact the boutique doesn't have the CPU horsepower to calculate the high frequency overtones the original synths were capable of producing.
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