Looking for Jupiter-6 patches?

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Looking for Jupiter-6 patches?

Postby Dirk Malone » 01:47, 11 July 2007

Does anyone have any .wav files of Jupiter-6 patches? I tried to import the factory patches available off the internet but they only cleaned out all my memory. I didn't do a backup before hand. No big deal because my JP-6 is from the synth-industrial band Skinny Puppy (studio clean out many years ago) and all the patches were weird detuned ones that (although I rock) were not in my taste.
Dirk Malone
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Re: Looking for Jupiter-6 patches?

Postby mrcpro » 19:59, 12 July 2007

From Skinny Puppy? Yeah... I can imagine.

I don't have the factory patches but I can tell you that you're not missing much. They were made up of a lot of things that are not really the JP-6's strong points, but were what Roland thought were relevant at the time... 1983. There are DX7 sounding things (made possible because you can put VCO2 in 'high" range), acoustic and Rhodes pianos (on an analog synth!), solo violins and cellos, Syndrum sounds... basically stuff that's covered much better with today's multisampled boards.

There is not a lot of strong pure analog sounds there because that's not what players were primarily looking for in the 1980s. But that's what a JP-6 does best. It is of course a very strong analog synth. And very easy to program. You'll do a lot better on your own.
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Re: Looking for Jupiter-6 patches?

Postby JuneauUnderground » 01:59, 2 October 2016

Europa Users: After much trial and error and wailing and gnashing of teeth, I have the original JP-6 factory patches in .syx format.
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