Roland ep-09 electronic piano tone selector fault

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Roland ep-09 electronic piano tone selector fault

Postby ginseng » 09:26, 26 November 2015


just picked up a Roland ep-09 electronic piano (same series as sh-09, rs-09), very cool sound but pretty limited. Everything's working o.k except for some of the tone selectors. There's 4 buttons: Piano 1, Piano 2, Harpsichord 1, Harpsichord 2. From what I understand you should be able to 'mix' these by switching them on or off to get different variations. However, I can only get two sounds: Piano 2 and Harpsichord one.

Piano 1 and Harpsichord two buttons permanently show their LED's as ON but there is no sound. When I select the other 2 variations then they come on respectively. I can very occasionally get the two sounds that I can get, to light up and play the combined sound but mostly when I press the 2nd button of the two it cancels the other one out.

Sorry, this is quite difficult to put into words and sounds a bit confusing but it is basically a row of 4 buttons that light up and should play independently or together but only two of them currently work.

Any ideas what might be causing this fault? I just want to try and get the other sounds/buttons to work. I'm not an engineer or anything but have tinkered with hifi stuff for years so if it may be something obvious like dirty contacts or similar I can try to rectify it.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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